Plan Your Social Media Strategy

Posted by: Rose 
Categories: Social Media

Use a to do list to plan your social media strategy.Several months ago, I started this series about implementing your social media strategy using the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle. But life interrupted and I never returned to writing the rest of the series.

As the number of clients I work with started increasing the amount of time I felt I had to write steadily decreased and I simply put thoughts of my blog on the back burner. However I constantly feel a twinge of guilt every time I talk to a client about consistently updating their blog. How can I encourage my clients to do what I don’t do?

Since I work from home, I also started noticing alot of stuff here around the house wasn’t getting done simply because I’m busier with work. Over the past week, the amount of housework and other stuff not done reached a pivotol point and I decided something had to be done. It was at this same time that I was a meeting with other home-based professionals and the subject of scheduling was brought up and I started thinking back to a presentation I delivered in college about 10 years ago on the subject of scheduling.

It was then I realized I needed to go back to implementing some basic scheduling practices not only for the household but also for my home-based office. There’s multiple tools available to schedule your social media content. Facebook pages have the ability to write posts and schedule them for later, WordPress blogs can be written ahead of time and scheduled for later as well, apps like Buffer can be used to schedule multiple social media accounts.

With the ability to schedule your social media content all you need to do now is make a plan of what content you want to share and start writing it. I know this is where I’ve run into difficulty as it seems I don’t make time to plan and write my content. Being a perfectionist by nature I tend to feel I need to do everything right the first time. For me this means I need to figure out my entire social media content strategy for the entire month, write it, schedule it, and spend time every day monitoring it. Since the last post I wrote for my blog was over 5 months ago I’m guessing that strategy doesn’t work for me, so I need to come up with something different.

Instead of creating an elaborate plan that would require hours of research and preparation, I’ve decided to work on my social media strategy day by day. Each day I’ll look at the social media networks where I have a profile and decide what to post. At the end of the week I plan to look things over and see how well I did with consistency and engagement. I’ll use that information to make the following week better. As for the blog, I think I can manage to write 3 posts a week.

What kind of plan do you think will work for you? Can you set some time aside to create an elaborate month long plan or even a week long plan? Or are you like me and need to take it day by day just to get things started? I’d love to hear from you to see how you’re doing.