Local SEO and Citation Building

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What is Local SEO and Citations

Local SEO allows your business to promote your services online to local customers. It uses search engines like Google and business directories like Yelp, Superpages and Manta to build an online listing of local business that enable customers in their area to find the best local business to meet their needs.

Citations ae an online reference to your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). Google uses these references to evaluate the online authority of your business. It’s important that your NAP matches exactly what Google finds on your website, your Google+ local page, and other online directories. You should be 100% consistent. So for example if you have your phone number listed as 715.555.1212 on your website then you should not list it as 715-555-1212 elsewhere.

Google’s logic is that if your business is mentioned a lot online then it deserves a higher ranking than one that’s hardly mentioned at all. This is especially important if those places where it is mentioned are relevant to the search being performed.

Why is Local SEO important to you?

  1. Local customers are switching to the internet to find businesses.
  2. Mobile internet growth – more customers are using their phones to search for service providers to meet their needs.
  3. Fewer and Fewer people are reading the local newspaper
  4. Customers trust online reviews

Your Website is a Good Place to Start

If I built your website for you, then your Local SEO and citation building has been started. I used what Google refers to as Schema Markup. Schema Markup is basically some special coding which Google uses to identify important info such as your NAP. When you look at your website and see where your company name, address, and phone number is listed you can’t see the special coding but Google sees it and uses it to identify your business information.

What Can You Do

  1. Claim your listing on Google Places – be sure you complete this 100% and don’t leave any spaces blank. You will need to add images, videos, and more. Be sure to use only keywords and locations that are only critical to accurately describe your business.
  2. Perform a Google search for your business name to find every mention of your business in online directories and website. When you find mentions of your business you’ll need to claim the listing and complete each listing 100%. Most of these listings have a free option – it’s ok to just set up the free accounts.
  3. Perform a Google search for your competitors as well to find out where they are listed to make sure your company is listed in every relevant listing as well. When you find directories where your competitors are listed create accounts there as well.
  4. Contact your clients and have them post reviews on Google places. Let them know they can rate their experience with you on your Google Places profile.

Do It Yourself or Have It Done For You?

Setting up your Google Places profile and citations isn’t a very complex process. You can do it yourself or have someone within your company do it if they’re very careful to be very consistent. However unless you double check every listing any mistakes that are made may not be caught until it’s too late and can be quite messy to clean up later.

A company that performs these tasks for you will be able to do the same thing much more quickly and it might be worth the speed and accuracy to have it done for you. If you research the cost for having this done, you’ll see that you could pay anywhere from $2.50/hour for someone overseas to do it all the way up to several thousand dollars to hire a corporate SEO agency to do it for you. Keep in mind that this should be an ongoing process – not something you set and forget. After initially setting up your new citations and reviews, you should also be looking for additional citations to create and have something in place to help your clients to continue creating online reviews for you.

Social Web Dzine’s Local SEO Services

As a customer of Social Web Dzine, you already know that you receive excellent service from me and that I always try to go above and beyond to help you with your website needs. You also know that my prices are fair and reasonable to help your business with your online marketing. So it should come as no surprise that I offer Local SEO Service packages that you can afford which will help your business.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Create and/or set up local search pages for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp
  • Website submission to Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Local citation creation and set up with additional directories
  • Local report showing where you rank for your top four search terms currently and where you rank after completion


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Local SEO boosts your online presence
Citations help Google and online directories identify your business info
Your website should contain schema markup to help Google identify your business info (it does if I built it)
You can DIY by searching for your business name online and updating/fixing every mention you find – don’t forget to search for your competitors and make sure you have a listing in places where they are listed as well
Social Web Dzine offers two affordable packages Local SEO packages

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