Finish the Cycle

Posted by: Rose 
Categories: Social Media

Finish the CycleSince writing the last post, I’ve had a few days to work on my social media strategy. What I’ve begun to do is simply post to the various social media sites as soon as I have an idea instead of waiting for the perfect time to share what I’m thinking. I’ve found this has been working pretty good so far.


Whatever social media strategy you decide to put into place the next step is simply to start doing it. Making things perfect is not the goal here – simply do your best to follow your plan.


As you’re implementing your plan pay attention to whether or not it works with your work flow as well as your time constraints. You want to be careful not to overwhelm yourself with to much to do and end up not doing it at all.

You also want to pay attention to how much engagement you’re seeing. If you post at times when your followers are offline, you won’t receive much feedback.


If you find you’re trying to do too much and can’t keep up, you’ll need to scale back to a schedule that’s more comfortable and workable for what you’re able to handle.

Adjust your posting times to coincide with your followers; scheduling your posts is a good idea if you’re not at your desk during ideal times.

Continually monitor your efforts and tweak what you’re doing as you begin to see results.